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“A peace walk or peace march, sometimes referred to as a peace pilgrimage, is a form of nonviolent action where a person or groups of people march a set distance to raise awareness of particular issues important to the walkers.—Wikipedia

Peace Walk Duluth aims to raise the awareness of the potential and responsibility for peace making at an individual and community level. Visit the sites along this walk and see the way the citizens of the City of Duluth are making peace in many ways around issues of appropriation, militarism, racism, domestic violence and more. There you will see the commitment to remembering where we have come from, learning from our shared history and finding a way for Peace to emerge. Our peace walk adds a meditative and restorative theme with stops throughout a permanent Peace Walk Route located along the shores of our great lake, Superior and surrounding city center.

Duluth Peace Walk Brooks Anderson

Maybe you go from here and say with us:

It’s a crazy violent world out there, but not in my town.

We will work for world peace and raise symbols of another way.

And change the culture of violence one city at a time.



Visit monuments commemorating soldiers we have lost during wars and contemplate our loss and the potential for peaceful future solutions. Walk through a sculpture garden dedication to the partnerships we have with Sister Cities around the world. Spend time in Gitchi Ode’Akiing a beautiful contemplative park space named for the original people of this land as we learn to honor and give tribute to their rightful place in the future of Duluth. Join us in celebrating the Domestic Violence Intervention Project of Duluth which has changed the way domestic violence has been handled all over the world with their Power and Control Wheel. Stand with us as we acknowledge the tragedies of racism at the Clayton Jackson Mcghie Memorial and make a commitment to be an advocate to end violence for all. Ring the Peace Bell in remembrance of those we have lost to gun violence and take a stance of solidarity with the many bringing change to prevent gun violence. Spend time in our city, our parks and along the shores of the beautiful lake we make our home near.

Peace Walk Destinations



Peace Walk Duluth | Destination 6 | Peace Bell Garden Now we retrace our steps past the Center for Non-Violence into Gichi-Ode’ Akiing, and take a right. Just beyond another open plaza area a bell [...]



Peace Walk Duluth | Destination 7 | The Arising In the center of the open space is “The Arising” sculpture. Many people see this as the defining centerpiece for the personality of our city. The [...]



Peace Walk Duluth | Destination 8 | Sister Cities Park Just beyond The Arising statue, to the right, is the newest part of Gichi-Ode’ Akiing—the Sister Cities Park. It is designed to be a quiet, [...]